Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amber's tuesday blog

My family recently had to cut back on some excessive spending, so I used to read the Athens Banner Herald pretty regularly. But I'm not going to lie I love the tabloids. What can be better than getting your groceries at Walmart, feeling miserable because you have to spend money, and looking up to read the headline " Lindsay Lohan on that Cocaine," and then all of a sudden you began to feel better about yourself, so you pick it up and read the entire story, then you leave the store feeling cleansed. But anyway I love magazines you can learn so much, and they are customized to your personality. If you like fashion you can read Vogue, if you like landscapes you can hit up National Geographic, and if your feeling a little lonely you can sneak a peek at Playboy, whereas with newspapers they are made to meet the demands of everyone, but their mainstream appeal targets the older generation. 


  1. cool Amber, good philosophy. I'm going to try that playboy thang.