Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I'm Here

This past school year, I got the opportunity to be editor-in-chief of my school's yearbook and it was probably the most rewarding experience of my school career. It made me realize how much I enjoyed journalism and I found that I had an amazing passion for what I was doing in that class. It was such an awesome thing to get to use my journalism skills, whether it be in graphic design, writing, photography, or whatever, and make a publication that everyone loved and will enjoy for a long time. This camp was an opportunity for me to sharpen these skills and prepare myself for next year. It's also really cool to be able to interact with people that are interested in the same things as I.


  1. That's awesome that you were able to find something that you were passionate about, and I am so jealous because all of the people from my school always come back from yearbook camp ranting and raving about how amazing it was. I definitely feel the same way about this camp. I think it will be an amazing opportunity to converse with people who have different ideas and experiences. It's like a huge journalism symposium for teens!

  2. Alli's so right! I think all of us can relate to being with people who care about journalism not just students who need class credit.