Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Blog

Newspaper layout is still a new thing to me so I don't have a lot of likes and dislikes. I still look at some things like a magazine and try to get creative and try to think out of the box and then I realize that it's not the same at all. I still like the newspaper though...when the power goes out. I think from a reader standpoint it's really great. I'm always stressed about deadlines, always have, always will. I'm mostly stressed just because we haven't had any actual articles or pictures to work with up until now. Hearing from friends and other people that I've talked to that haven't started or their teacher just super edited their article and it's down to three and a half sentences. The fact that I'm still warming up to the whole newspaper idea is actually getting to me as well because just like everyone else I want this to turn out well. Friday seems so close and there's so much work to be done, but as long as we get the free food at the banquet I'll stay as long as needed. :)

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