Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Media Studies

What print newspapers papers and magazines do you read, and why? What kind of news do you get online?

     During the school year, I am in the habit of reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution; I read it everyday, and I find that when I don't, my morning is off.  I always start with the comics, then I am in the habit of reading the horoscope of every member of my family (not that I give all that much credence to it, but I enjoy it).  After I have finished "the fun stuff," if I have time, I peruse the headlines of the main page and the Living or Go Guide section.  I stop if anything pops out, or pass if nothing does.  Recently, I have become accustomed to reading the Washington Post; my family just started receiving both papers, and I found that I truly enjoy reading the major headlining stories in the later (much more so than in the first).  However, whenever I read the newspaper, I always think of a conversation I had with Mr. Dick Williams, the owner of the Dunwoody Crier.  He was telling me how difficult it is to run a small paper (though I do not really consider a 26000 person readership small) because a) they don't have the funds to keep up with the big ones and b) everything is switching to a technology base.  After sitting one day in the office, I was able to truly comprehend the meaning behind his words.  I was able to watch as he would spend countless hours on the computer updating the website (a daily occurrence).  I was able to see the staff cuts and the stress it put on those who remained to produce an equal product with 1/2 the amount of people.  I received countless emails at 3 in the morning because he was up covering a story (the owner of the paper) because if he didn't, who would?  It was amazing to see the amount of dedication and passion that goes in to keeping something so small alive in this economy.  That, along with what I have previously mentioned is what provoked my interest in newspaper because, for the longest time,  I saw myself in magazines; although I still have an interest in magazines, the experience definitely created a special place in my heart for newspapers, and I will be incredibly sad if ever it becomes completely extinct.  
      When I am online, I really, oddly enough, enjoy buying into the whole celebrity culture.  I'm not religious in practice (in terms of searching about information), but every once in a while, I will get the urge to google something like, "recent celebrity events or faux pas."   Also, my sister is a summer associate with two law firms this summer.  When she comes home, she always talks about what is going on in the firms, and more often than not, both my parents know what is going on, while I am perpetually in the dark.  This has forced me into the habit of searching for press releases from major firms, both in Atlanta and nationally.  She recently introduced me to what I found to be one of my new favorite sites, though, sadly, I forgot the address.  

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