Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Why are you interested in journalism? Why did this camp appeal to you?

I grew up in a family where newspapers and journalism were very important. My dad works at our local paper, The Macon Telegraph, and so I've know a lot of the people who work there for most of my life. At the dinner table, my family discusses stories from newspapers. I was raised to care about news and journalism, although I didn't really become actively involved in making it until my freshman year of high school. I started small. My first year, I think all I got in our paper, The Central Post, were a few news briefs. As I learned, I made some headlines and started getting more familiar with AP style and the design of a newspaper. Now that I've discovered that I really enjoy working with and laying out newspapers, my dad has started coming home and talking about the cuts that have been made at the Telegraph. A few weeks ago, I went with him to the Telegraph office at midnight to watch the last issue being printed in Macon. Because of budget cuts, the Macon Telegraph is now printed in Columbus. I'm here not only because I love journalism, but because I want to be able to read a newspaper when I grow up. A physical paper, not something virtual.

I actually heard about this camp from the man who prints the Post, Buddy Judd. I'm pretty sure he prints the paper we're making here as well. I've never worked on a paper outside of my high school, so I thought this would be fun. I'm interested mostly in graphic design, although it doesn't look like that's a really popular choice. I've worked with Adobe InDesign, but I feel like I don't really know what it can do. I'm here to learn, mostly. 

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