Wednesday, June 10, 2009

At least we get candy

OH YES, i am a little concerned with the deadline. I usually lay out a paper in a week but we only have like two days. At least we will get candy and energy drinks. I love layout because you can be creative. It makes me feel professional for some reason. 
I do not like how long it takes for me to create a page. I am a perfectionist and every time i think i am done with a page i see something else that needs to be fixed. I like the creative side of layout a page. I like  doing newspaper layout instead of like magazine layout because you have so much more rules i guess to follow. Things should be modular but creative. In magazine or other prints you can like go crazy. I guess I'm more conservative. I enjoy the intensity and rush of meeting a deadline however i'm so scared that something is going to shutdown. Every time its our layout week for my paper our computers tend to let us down. 
But, it's going to be fun to layout a paper in two or three days. All the stress. 
But it happens. It's what i love to do. 

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