Tuesday, June 9, 2009

They do get your fingers black sometimes.

Where I live we don't really have great newspapers. We have the Albany Herald, Albany Journal and the Lee County Ledger. Our staff helps with the Lee County Ledger. We also write stories and take pictures for Get in the Game magazine. It's a sports magazine for Georgia. 
Basically thats the only print news. 

The Albany Herald is the one i read mostly. Their paper comes out everyday so your updated with your news. In Albany there tends to be some time of criminal intent so thats mainly always on the front page. I read it because i guess i feel like i have too and should. Wanting to be a journalist you should always be up to date. Sometimes i will glance at the Wall Street Journal but it's sometimes too much text i don't even want to look at it. 

Online I read like the CNN, WALB News and Fox's News. WALB is the local news. And the other ones are more nation wide news. I am more interested in the nation wide news because i give better feedback to it. I can come up with an article idea or something. 

Other than the ones i mentioned and like magazines such as Vogue and People and other "teeny'" magazines i don't really look at anymore. When we go to competitions for journalism I read other schools papers. But what's going on in their school isn't really important at mine. 

I DO NOT LIKE TO READ CRAP. So things like tabloids and what not i could care less about. Hey, it's interesting if it's true but mostly it's not. Many people demand crap but i hate it. 

Honestly, i would love for my school to have an online paper. I think people would rather be online than be holding a wide spread of newspaper. They do get your fingers black sometimes.
Online is understandable. However,i like to be old school. 

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