Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Thoughts:...

What do you like and don't like about newspaper layout? Are you concerned about meeting Friday's deadline, and why?

Imagine:  You wake up and go downstairs.  On the kitchen table is a massive pile of papers, all neatly compiled into a tight easily skimmable bundle.  You open up the bundle and lay it flat.  Then, you take a minute to observe.  What you see is an influx of information; however, unlike the internet, there is a major difference.  It is all neatly compiled into what is normally an aesthetically pleasing package.  The majority of the guess work has been taken out--you don't have to process what you need to know; now, all you have to do is process what you read.

Ideal world, right?  However, the problem is that this world is slowly fading.  The art of the newspaper is slipping away, slowly, and is being replaced by that which is online.

Spark Notes Version:  I like that newspaper layout makes everything easier to process and understand.  I like that it takes effort, that someone puts the time in for the benefit of someone else, and to create a product.  My only qualm is that it does not necessarily appeal to the masses of technology era teens.  It is not flashy, it is not trendy, and it is not what you would call fashionable.  In a perfect world, the traditional newspaper form would be merged with magazine and graphic productions.  Things would be more aesthetically pleasing, yet the content and important information would remain.

Am I concerned about meeting the deadline on Friday?

I would say that is a question that I would not ask until Friday.  At this point, my answer is:  No.  After spending a year on yearbook, I know that publications, or at least, the graphic end of publications, are finished at the last minute.  I will not be worried until late on Friday afternoon, and not a minute before.    In the words of one of my favorite plays:  "It all comes together in the end."  I have no qualms about missing the deadline, but I do know I will be stressed before we finish.

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