Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks Tuesday Blog

I mostly read magazines such as Seventeen, Allure, and Teen Vogue. The only newspaper I read is The Courier-Herald which is the local paper in my hometown. When I am in New York I pick up The New York Times but that is about the only time I read another newspaper. If i don't get to read the paper I normally just look online and see what all is happening. I would rather just have a newspaper in front of me though because I tend to get distracted if I am on the internet. I am interested in the news but I am more interested in the articles in magazines. Those articles really grab my attention and make me want to know what it is about. I think it might be the pretty colors in magazines that attract me the most. What human doesn't love to see their favorite color? The colorful nature of magazines might be the thing that actually makes me want to go into them as opposed to newspapers. Hmmm, now I have something to ponder. THANKS TUESDAY BLOG! :)

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  1. I'm right there with you. I LOVE Teen Vogue, and am also notorious for getting distracted online. There's just an influx of information, and it's easily done...