Monday, June 8, 2009

journalism found me

Journalism is an expression to me. Being able to create, write and distribute your work is a specialty to me. It’s like a chef making his special dish. 

I walked into room 305 (the newsroom)  and a whole different world opened up to me. I saw students working at massive speeds trying to get out an issue of a newspaper. I thought it was crazy but i loved it. I was then interested.

 I have been in Journalism for two years now and it has become a job. I take shifts after school and stay as late as 8:30 sometimes. Journalism and producing a paper is tough. But once it is out all your hard work pays off. I love the feeling of being able to express myself threw writing and creating pages. It makes me feel responsible. 

Journalism has made me realize what i should do in my career. It is finally something i am very passionate about. 

I chose to come to this camp because it could benefit me for my future. I would love to do Journalism and Public Relations as a career. Plus, i am layout editor of my high school paper and i need to learn a couple of tricks and teach others below me. 


  1. oh man, what would we do without those late night work nights? hahahaha!

  2. That's awesome! Does that make me below you? ;)