Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Story 4 for Tuesday

By Emily Karol

ATHENS, Ga. - The Heterosexual Society at the University of Georgia was not permitted to register as a campus group Tuesday because school officials believe they discriminate against homosexuals.

Group officer Dee Backes said the decision violates the group’s rights to free speech and freedom of association.
“We want to be a registered group because we have the right to be a registered group,” said Backes.
University policy states that no registered group on campus can discriminate based on color, handicap, nationality, race, religion, marital status or sexual orientation. The only organizations that are allowed to discriminate by gender are sororities and fraternities.

The group allows homosexuals in the lower two levels of membership, but in order to be promoted to the top two levels, members must sign forms promising that they are heterosexual.

Lisa Norbury Kilian, assistant dean of students, said this goes against the university’s discrimination policy by excluding homosexuals from the higher levels of the organization.

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